He has repeatedly dedicated a large number of murders in his lifestyle. He gained infamy after committing strings of murders in and his effective escapes from high-protection prisons.

Sobhraj retains a French nationality owned by the Indo-Vietnamese ethnicity. Criminal Lifestyle of Sobhraj: Sobhraj began committing petty crimes at age He was arrested twice in Paris for car theft in the first s. He received his initial jail sentence for burglary in at Poissy prison near Paris. He bribed prison officials that he was granted particular favors like keeping books in his cell.

He was unstoppable, after releasing from Jail he once again resumed his criminal way of living. As per the resources, Charles Sobhraj, the mystical and terrifying worldwide criminal is currently experiencing heart troubles and go through an open heart medical procedures in Gangalal Heart Center.

She was found lifeless in a pool, putting on a bikini. Sobhraj murdered a Dutch few whose bodies were discovered burnt and discarded. He traveled around European countries and Asia, escaping custody in a number of countries. He has effectively escaped from high-protection prisons, that he is also called The Serpent. Exactly where he visited he impressed people who have his abilities and killed them. He was arrested in a gambling establishment at Resort Yak and Yeti in a case for murder in In JulySobhraj was billed with the murder of an American tourist inand the courtroom purchased the seizure of most his properties.

He was convicted in Nepal for another murder in but still has instances pending against him. Personal Existence: Sobhraj has already reached age 73 now. Sobhraj proposed to marry Compagnon but was arrested the same day time for evading law enforcement while traveling a stolen car. His total amount of time in prison is nearly three decayed for different crimes and murders.

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They collectively tricked a tour band of French post-graduate college students into accepting them as guides. He was after that billed with the murder of Solomon, and all were delivered to Tihar prison, New Delhi. Sobhraj had a whole lot of female site visitors, primarily journalists and MA college students, while he was in Tihar Jail. Discussing his personal lifestyle, he was wedded to Chantal Compagnon, a Parisian girl from a conservative family members.Charles Sobhraj doesn't call what he does murder, he calls it 'cleaning'.

By his own confession, he has cleaned many times. During one year,and for no obvious motive, he befriended and then sadistically killed 10 travellers on the hippie trail through Thailand, Nepal and India. Yet he may never be punished. Sobhraj has gone as far as to mastermind his escape from a Delhi high-security prison - and perhaps his own recapture, too - to avoid being sent to Thailand where he would almost certainly receive the death penalty for his murders.

His trial for breaking out of prison began recently in Delhi, and the outcome will decide whether Sobhraj has outwitted the Indian justice system as he has done so many times before. The likelihood is that he will walk free - as a very rich man.

Sobhraj is a feline, handsome man with big eyes that have a wounded look. He is also an expert in gems and psychology; like a diamond-cutter, he has a knack for spotting a flaw in a person's character and reshaping that person to a design of his own evil brilliance. It is one of the two,' he replied. Sobhraj himself is probably not sure what kind of a murderer he is. His rage is entirely cerebral, calculating. There is a storm going on inside his brain that is always hidden by his smile and that beguiling charm of which everyone talks his many women admirers, his Delhi jail wardens and fellow inmates.

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His victims probably thought there was nobody kinder, more genuinely friendly, than Charles Sobhraj, until he made them groggy with sleeping pills, drove them out into the countryside and viciously murdered them. Sobhraj likes to brag about his crimes. He confessed the details of his killing spree, which lasted between andto his two Australian biographers, Richard Neville and Julie Clarke. But, as he warned them, 'in the unlikely event I will ever appear in court in Thailand I will deny everything.

Herman Knippenberg, a Dutch diplomat previously based in Bangkok, who was responsible for putting the Thai police on Sobhraj's trail, said, 'It was all so easy for him. The murders, the deception, everything. He had got away with so much for so long that he believed he was invincible.

Personally, I think he might have killed many more. Inside his Bangkok apartment, we found a stack of passports and driver's permits. They could have easily belonged to others. Sobhraj's favourite method was to make his victims ill, using anything from diarrhoea-inducing pills to itching powder, and then when they were weak and totally reliant on him, he would strangle them, mutilate them with a knife or shoot them. Then he would disfigure their corpses. Money was not a motive for his 'cleanings'.

His victims were backpackers and small-time drug smugglers carrying only paltry sums of cash. It appears that Sobhraj had begun to think of himself as a Nietzschean character, a criminal Superman who soared above everyone else's moral code.By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Charles Sobhraj is a master of murder, escape and disguise. He is widely recognized for drugging and killing the dozen of tourists during the s in Southeast Asia. He gained ill fame for his successful escapes from high-security prisons. Charles Sobhraj was born on April 6,in Saigon, Vietnam. Then, his mother remarried to a French lieutenant and went with him to Marseille, where she established a new family, Charles stayed with his father in Vietnam.

Charles Sobhraj young Source: Vice. Despite his young age, Sobraj's father grants him to wander the streets and does not care. Four years later, his mother, back to Saigon, decides to take him under his charge and back in France. He belongs to Indian-Vietnamese ethnicity. He grew up on the street of Saigon.

While studying in France, Sobhraj attempted to run away from school for many times. He was rebellious from childhood and showed the sign of his notorious future. Afterward, he tied the knot with Central Compagon and tried to reform himself.

But, all the effort went in vain, when he started to engage in crimes like robbery and smuggling. Later on, he partnered with Maria-Andree Leclerc.

Charles Sobhraj Net Worth, Age, Record, Family, Biography

She served as his mistress and accomplice. His nature of the offence started to be serious. Due to his genius and connature, he got out of all situations.

For years, Shobraj traveled around Europe and Asia. He was successful to deceive authority and people with his personality, charm, and fluency in several languages. He was caught in India in while trying to poison a group of French tourists.Jump to navigation.

With that threat behind him, Sobhraj has bounced back into the limelight, giving interviews and issuing statements about his imminent release on bail, claiming to be a reformed man. Like everything else about Sobhraj, the truth about his claims remains elusive. He claims that he wants to settle down in India with his' wife' and children and spend his remaining years writing books.

Those who know him well scoff at such claims but what they all acknowledge is his absolute mastery of the Indian judicial system. Ten years ago, he had reckoned that the pace at which cases move would be his best accomplice in cheating the gallows in Thailand. When he escaped from Tihar Jail inwhere he had already spent 10 years, his strategy was simple. He had just lost his appeal against a Delhi court order extraditing him to Thailand where he was wanted for murder and would probably face the death sentence.

Knowing that under Indian law, no under trial can be extradited if he is wanted here for an offence, he engineered his sensational escape in the firm knowledge that, once recaptured, he would be kept inside Tihar until the Thai arrest warrant against him expired. His calculation proved right.

The warrant, issued 20 years ago in Decemberexpires on December 15 this year. Though in recent weeks the press has been full of reports of his imminent release, it is not as straightforward as Sobhraj or his lawyer, Debashish Majumdar, have been implying. Sobhraj still faces trial in three cases. This has not, however, stopped Sobhraj from telling journalists about his future plans. Gallons of ink have already been expended on the man who, in the '60s and early' 70s, was the most wanted man in Asia for leaving a trail of corpses along the hippie trail stretching from the beaches of Thailand to Goa.

He was a con man but, unlike most con men, operated internationally, crossing borders the way most of us cross a street. Now the man who has evoked horror and fascination in equal measure says he wants to live in Delhi, writing books. But nothing Sobhraj says can be taken at face value. Replying to a set of questions sent to him inside Tihar, Sobhraj, a French national, said: "I am serious about wanting to settle here.

I will also be applying for Indian citizenship. I have a right to it. My father was a Sindhi. According to his biographers, during a short spell with his relatives in Pune, he hated the country, especially the vegetarian food, calling dal "food for peasants".

He thinks he's a European. He will want to settle here as a foreigner, treated like a burra sahib because he enjoys having the special status of a foreigner. A more likely reason for his desire to stay in India is that it will be much easier for him to find a niche for himself, to be absorbed in a society so much more fluid than the more rigid and structured societies of the West.

Charles Sobhraj Biography

After all, if Phoolan Devi could emerge from prison and become a celebrity, Sobhraj will be even more sensational. Even his plans to bring his family to India are dubious. Sobhraj says: "I have told my second wife, Chantal, of my decision.

She will join us here after my release. My daughter will come when she has completed her history degree. My son will open an export business.

Charles Sobhraj “Bikini Killer” Biography in Hindi - चार्ल्स शोभराज - Bejod Joda

Sobhraj did marry a woman also called Chantal but she divorced him in Even Desnoyers, who is probably the only friend he has in the world, is sceptical about some of his statements.

Other people who have observed Sobhraj say he is incapable of feeling any long-term emotion. Sobhraj has three cases pending against him. He is entitled to apply for bail in all three and can only be released if he gets bail in all of them.

He has already been granted bail provided the court receives a personal bond of Rs 50, from Sobhraj, a Rs 5, cash surety and a personal bond of Rs 50, from a citizen whose antecedents are accepted by the judge. Sobhraj was in a position to fulfil these conditions in but he chose not to because the Thai arrest warrant was still valid.

The other related offences are drugging the jail wardens and being a conspirator in the escape of other prisoners.After the divorce of his parents, he was adopted by her mother's new boyfriend who was a French Army lieutenant. Charles Sobhraj entered into the world of crime at the age of He received his first jail sentence for burglary in at Poissy prison near the Paris. Charles Sobhraj committed his first murder in with his friend called as Chaudhary.

His first victim was Teresa Knowlton from Seattle who found drowned in a tidal pool in the Gulf of Thailand. Charles Sobhraj married Chantal Compagnon in Paris. He was arrested on the same day he proposed her and married after he was released.

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They gave birth to a daughter Usha Sobhraj. He was arrested in the casino of Hotel Yak and Yeti after two days. Charles Sobhraj, the mysterious and terrifying international criminal is currently suffering from heart troubles and undergo an open heart surgery in Gangalal Heart Centre; a popular hospital of Nepal.

He was unstoppable, after releasing from Jail he again resumed his criminal lifestyle. His first victim was Teresa Knowlton from Seattle who was found drowned in a tidal pool in the Gulf of Thailand. As time passes, Sobhraj's interest in murder started running like a killing machine. He was fluent in several languages by which he trapped victims becoming friendly and drug them and kill them without a hesitation.

Sobhraj is currently passing his life imprisonment in Nepa l. He was seen in a street of Kathmandu by a journalist and after two days he was caught in the casino of the Yak and Yeti hotel.

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As per the sources, Charles Sobhraj, the mysterious and terrifying international criminal is currently suffering from heart troubles and undergo an open heart surgery in Gangalal Heart Centre. The couple claimed that they got married inside the prison of Nepal, however Nepalese authorities denied those claims. Frostsnow Terms to use Advertise Contact menu search. Home Gossip Biography About Us search.Hotchand Bhaonani Gurumukh Charles Sobhraj born April 6,better known as Charles Sobhrajis a serial killer of Indian and Vietnamese origin, who preyed on Western tourists throughout Southeast Asia during the s.

Nicknamed " the Bikini Killer " and " the Serpent ," due to his skill at deception and evasion, Sobhraj allegedly committed at least 12 murders. He was convicted and jailed in India from to After his release, he retired as a celebrity in Paris. He returned to Nepal and was arrested and tried there.

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He was convicted of murder by the Supreme Court of Nepal on August 12, Sobhraj received a sentence of life imprisonment. While Sobhraj is widely believed to be a psychopath, his motives for killing differed from those of most serial killers.

Sobhraj was not driven to murder by deep-seated violent impulses, but as a means to sustain his adventurous lifestyle. That, as well as his cunning and cultured personality, made him a celebrity long before his release from prison.

Sobhraj enjoyed the attention, charging large amounts of money for interviews and film rights; he has been the subject of four books and three documentaries.

InSobhraj announced his engagement to a woman Nihita Biswas from Nepal who later participated in the reality show Big Boss 5.

On the following day, Nepalese jail authorities dismissed the claim of his marriage. They said that Nihita and her family had been allowed to conduct a tika ceremony, along with the relatives of hundreds of other prisoners.

charles sobhraj autobiography

They further claimed that it was not a wedding but part of the ongoing Dashain festival, when elders put the vermilion mark on the foreheads of those younger to them to signify their blessings.

On July 30, the Nepalese Supreme Court upheld the verdict issued by the district court in Kathmandu of a life sentence for the murder of US citizen Connie Jo Bronzich and another year plus a Rs 2, fine for using a fake passport to travel. The seizure of all his properties was also ordered by the court. They were charged and sent to judicial custody for contempt of court because of these remarks.

Conditions inside the notorious prison were unbearable; Barbara and Mary Ellen attempted suicide during the two years before their trial. Sobhraj, however, had entered with precious gems concealed in his body and was experienced in bribing captors and living comfortably in jail. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison instead of the expected death penalty.

Leclerc was found guilty of the drugging of the French students, then later paroled and returned to Canada when she developed ovarian cancer. She was still claiming her innocence, and reportedly still loyal to Sobhraj, when she died at home in April Pages: 1 2 3 4 last. Log in to leave a comment.

charles sobhraj autobiography

Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password?Charles Sobhraj born 6 Aprilis a French thieffraudster and serial killer of Vietnamese and Indian origin who preyed on Western tourists, primarily beatniksthroughout the Hippie Trail of Southeast Asia during the s. He was best known as the Bikini Killer due to the attire of his victims, as well as the Splitting Killer and the Serpentdue to his skill at deception and evasion. Sobhraj allegedly committed at least a dozen murders and was convicted and jailed in India from to After his release, he retired as a celebrity in Paris.

Sobhraj later returned to Nepal inwhere he was arrested, tried, and received a life sentence. Sobhraj is widely believed to be a psychopath.

He had an intense hatred of hippiesand many of his murders reflected this. He was described as devilishly handsome, and did not refrain from using his attractiveness to his advantage in his criminal career. This, as well as his cunning and cultured personality, ensured his celebrity status long before his release from prison.

He enjoyed his fame, charging large sums for interviews and film rights. He has been the subject of four biographies, three documentaries and a Bollywood movie titled Main Aur Charles.

Sobhraj's return to Nepal, where he was still eagerly sought by authorities, is thought to be the result of his yearning for attention and overconfidence in his own intellect.

Stateless at first, [7] Sobhraj was adopted by his mother's new boyfriend, a French Army lieutenant stationed in French Indochina. There he was neglected in favour of the couple's later children. However, Sobhraj continued to move back and forth between Indochina and France with the family. As a teenager, he began to commit petty crimes and received his first jail sentence for burglary inserving time at Poissy prison near Paris.

Around the same time, he met and endeared himself to Felix d'Escogne, a wealthy young man and prison volunteer. After being paroled, Sobhraj moved in with d'Escogne and shared his time between moving between the high society of Paris and the criminal underworld.

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He began accumulating riches through a series of burglaries and scams. During this time, Sobhraj met and began a passionate relationship with Chantal Compagnon, a young Parisian woman from a conservative family. Sobhraj proposed marriage to Compagnon, but was arrested later the same day for attempting to evade police while driving a stolen vehicle. He was sentenced to eight months in prison, yet Chantal remained supportive throughout the entirety of his sentence.

Sobhraj and Chantal were wed upon his release.

charles sobhraj autobiography

Sobhraj, along with a pregnant Chantal, left France in for Asia to escape arrest. After traveling through Eastern Europe with fake documents, robbing tourists whom they befriended along the way, Sobhraj arrived in Mumbai later the same year.