sauer 38h disassembly

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Forum Gunboards. Results 1 to 13 of Thread: My newest addition: a Sauer 38H. Join Date Jan Posts My newest addition: a Sauer 38H. One more scratched off the list. I really like this little 7. Its got lots of nice features such as a modern mag release and a decocker. Its pretty accurate and ergonomic too. I didn't care for the original white grips it came with.

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I'm not sure if those were original or not. I did manage to track down some original black grips for it though. Join Date Dec Posts 6, Originally Posted by Deathroll. Nice gun. I posted one a few days ago from the same year. Nice save on the 2nd one. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. The 38H is an awesome design. One thing I learned the hard way! What a bummer since originals are not so easy to find and are expensive.

So, I picked up a set of repros to put on my shooter 38H only to find that the grip screws will not work because the holes won't allow the screw heads to seat and fit flush. I have another 38H that I don't "play" with.

Don't want to risk losing those grips!!! I took them off and store them safely. The originals you see are only for pics. I still have the white grips it came with - not sure if these were original or not. I bought a pair of cheap reproduction grips that I keep on it normally.At SSGuideRods.

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But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary Always Enabled. Non-necessary Non-necessary.The Sauer 38H was never made in stainless. A pistol "in the white" may have not finish at all, or was nickel plated as a souvenir of WW II. It had the unique de-cocking lever which has not been used on any pistol since. It is one of the most enjoyable 7. The German Army and police used the pistol extensively and there were no complaints.

Ian Fleming, an excellent and imaginative writer but no gun expert, created the super-agent James Bond. Bond was armed with an early 25 ACP Beretta.

Geoffrey Boothroyd, a Scottish firearms expert, wrote Fleming on this matter. Boothroyd suggested a colt snub-nosed revolver and a proper holster. Fleming insisted on Bond carrying a semi-automatic pistol. The two men came up with two handguns which were sufficiently advanced and rakish enough for Bond. The Walther won on several points, more stylish looks. It was considered state of the art and was still in production. Fleming also titled Geoffrey Boothroyd as the official armorer to James Bond.

A few side notes, the Beretta 25 ACP is seen in the early movies as a Berettaas similar but larger design. The 38H would have a great Bond gun, but its past clearly mitigated against it. I hope this new gun lives up to the legend. Ray July 4, at AM. The Enforcer August 14, at PM.

sauer 38h disassembly

Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.The "H" in the model number is short for "hahn", referring to the internal hammer of the firing mechanism.

Sauer developed the model 38H from their earlier semi-automatic handguns. It was necessary to compete with companies such as Mauser and Walther in the commercial market. These pistols were stamped by those agencies and some can still be found with the holster and additional magazine with which they were distributed. Sauer 38H pistols presented to Nazi officials often featured custom engraving, ivory grips, and often gold inlay as well. The Sauer 38H was produced in three basic models.

Generally, the slide of the first model says "JP Sauer und Sohn" on the left. The second version says only "CAL 7.

WWII Pocket Pistols: J.P. Sauer & Sohn .38H

Towards the end of the war, weapons produced were simplified for quicker, cheaper production. For the 38H, this meant simpler markings, rough finish, and the elimination of features like the slide-mounted safety. So-called "late-war" models were still fully functional though. Final examples, produced until April when the factory was overrun by the Alliesfeature mismatched serial numbers and poor fit and finish.

The concept of the Sauer 38H persists in the SIG Sauer P and its predecessor the Pwhich also feature a fixed barrel, decocking lever, and similar internal design.

As a testament to their fine design, many Sauer 38Hs are regularly used by owners to this day, albeit usually with replacement grips. The "H" in the model number indicates this pistol uses a shrouded hammer as opposed to striker style firing of earlier Sauer models.

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Other features included a traditional double-action triggersingle-column magazine and an action spring surrounding a fixed barrel. A revolutionary feature was the use of a lever that either cocked or decocked dropped the hammer safely. This is the first handgun to have this type device [6] located on the left side below the slide, just forward of the grip. The hammer on the Sauer 38H could be lowered for safe carry at any time. The cocking feature was necessary due to the shrouded hammer and the decocking mechanism was a safety feature.

A hollow space on the trigger indicated if the concealed hammer was cocked; if completely exposed, the hammer was lowered. A small pin protruded at the rear of the slide as a loaded chamber indicator. Another advanced feature for its time was the magazine safetya device that deactivates the trigger when the magazine is removed from the pistol. Most modern SIG Sauer pistols feature controls in almost the same place as on the Sauer 38H, though as these modern designs have exposed hammers the cocking feature is omitted from the lever.

The grips of the pistol were constructed of Bakelite.It is fashionable in some circles to scorn the Germans in World War II for their near-chaotic firearms procurement system. In their defense — my late father was a European-theater combat vet, and I grasp the irony of my defending the Germans — when the boss man jumps the gun and starts the war ahead of schedule, there is no time to retool to a common standard.

You make what you're already making and ship as many as you make. That was the situation J. Their 38H pistol, meant to be a competitive product against other makers in potential police pistol trials, was now a vital war product shipped to pretty much everyone. The 38H is an all-steel, single-stack blowback pistol in.

Sauer Auto Pistols 38H 32 Pistol

As an all-steel pistol, it is a bit on the portly side. For a. The grips are Bakelite, one of the original synthetic materials, and while Bakelite was hi-tech in the s and s, it does not age well. As a result, it isn't uncommon for pistols of that era to have cracked or chipped grips. These, remarkably, are intact. The sights are not tiny, but they certainly are not modern easy-to-see sights.

They are useable, however. The controls are diabolical in their Teutonic inventiveness. However, the decocking lever on the side of the frame is also the cocking lever.

If the hammer is cocked, you can decock it with the lever. You can then either fire the first shot DA, or you can use the lever again to cock the hammer.

The top of the slide, between the sights, is matted to reduce glare. The back of the slide has a cocking indicator, so you can tell if the hammer is cocked. But you can also tell from the position of the trigger. If the hammer is down, the trigger is forward in the DA position. If the hammer is cocked, the trigger is back in the SA position.

Plus, there's a safety on the slide, so you can have it on safe or not, and you can fire your first shot four different ways.Remember Me?

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What's New? Repair Advice For Sauer 38H. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Posts I have an externally immaculate Sauer 38H, but I can't get the darn thing to work properly. I have exhausted my "shade tree gunsmith" abilities and need to send this thing off for some work. Any suggestions? Posts 1, Regards Martin. Open an auction at GB or AA and in two weeks you'll know exactly In all honesty, I can't really describe it.

The gun appears to have multiple problems. First, it will not cock properly. Second, the trigger doesn't seem to do anything when pulled. Third, the spring activated decocker is weak.

I also believe that the small screw which engages the decocking mechanism has a homemade retaining piece which is catching up on the mechanism.

I don't really know how to describe it because there are so many problems. The spring on the cocking-decocking lever doesn't work? Homemade piece? Regarding the trigger: seems, the free end of the trigger bar 17 doesn't work together with the other parts. Check, if the trigger bar is OK or not.

Next: most often, Cocking Lever Spring 43 is broken or weak. Or wrong installed. Don't care too much for the retainer ring 36, if it is not too large.Its first thrust into the military small-arms arena was its association with Spangenberg to manufacture the Reichsrevolver for German military contracts in the early s.

Together also with V. Schilling and C. Sauer introduced its own design ina caliber 7,65mm. The most significant feature of the Behrden Modell was a unique secondary trigger in the middle of the main trigger's front face.

Unless this secondary trigger was pressed together with the primary trigger, the trigger and sear remained blocked.

sauer 38h disassembly

This concept was to be duplicated a half-century later in the Glock series of handguns. A simplified caliber 6,35mm. Its only external distinguishing characteristic was an extremely large ejection port on top of the slide.

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Internally, the bolt was a separate component and retained in the slide by a spring catch that protruded from the rear of the slide so that it could be released when disassembling the pistol.

The firing pin also protruded out the rear of the slide and served as a loaded-chamber indicator. In the WTM was slightly modified and in this form remained in production until It's clear that during this time frame Sauer had built a well-deserved reputation for designing really innovative small handguns, although commercially they were of only moderate success.

Its greatest triumph was to come with the Model 38 H. Although this pistol was designated as the model 38 forseries production did not commence until the end of They begin at approximatelyand end at close toArmy occupied the plant. Produced only in caliber 7,65mm.

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The 38 H weighs 22 ounces grams empty. Overall length is 6. The four-groove barrel has a right-hand twist and is 3. We were fortunate to have two Sauer 38 H pistols to examine for our test and evaluation, and they represented both very early and very late production.

WWII Pistol: Sauer 38H and Story

Our early-production specimen, serial numberis marked "J. The right side of the slide is marked "Patent" omitted at some point during the war. The serial number is located on the right side of the frame just below the rear end of the slide's cocking serrations.

sauer 38h disassembly

The military acceptance stamp, "eagle over 37," is located on the upper left side of the triggerguard. This specimen is equipped with a set of rare checkered wood grip panels.